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Environmental Responsibility

Jacavone Garden Center is committed to improving the environment, locally and globally. As resellers and nursery professionals, we provide ourselves in providing garden plants, trees and shrubs which increase oxygen production, reduce greenhouse gases and beautify our surroundings.

Organic and Chemical Pesticides

We believe that the cornerstone to an effective plant inventory protection practice is education. Our staff has a deep and broad knowledge of the pests that could potentially damage our inventory. They also know the best practices for selecting and using a variety of organic and chemical pest abatement products. Insecticide and chemical treatments are used at a minimal and responsible level and we are regularly modifying our pest treatment practices to ensure maximum productivity and minimal negative impact on the environment.


Correctly irrigating plants so that they grow up strong is our primary goal. In order to irrigate in a sustainable way, we are using state of the art irrigation systems which minimize waste.

Container Recycling Program

bring em back to us and we’ll reuse or recycle them.

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